We design and manufacture fronts and components for the furniture industry.


Open to new challenges, open to new opportunities, open to listening, open to growth. 

Our approach brings innovation to a mostly traditional sector like component supply for the furniture industry, day in, day out. That innovation embraces our entire corporate structure and pervades our complete production cycle, from punctual replenishment of the finest raw materials, and preliminary consulting and design through to the manufacture of each individual front, and our delivery and after-sales services.


300 employees

119.000 mq

23.000 units manufactured every day

+5mn units manufactured every year

80% percentage export

Presence across 5 continents


We produce fronts and components for the furniture industry, scrupulously checking every detail in every phase, from design to selection of the finest raw materials, and from production of the unfinished piece to the finished product.

Experience, interest and a cutting edge R&D department let us combine superior craftsmanship with automation to deliver custom solutions and meet the diverse demands of the market.